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Probably one of the most beautiful, magical things that we as a people have ever had the joy to experience is the great transformation of Snooki. Remember just a few years ago when she was all orange and drunk all the time? And now just look at her! She’s a wonderful mom, she’s going to be a wife soon, and she’s giving some solid, smart viewpoints on Justin Bieber and all of his recent issues:

"I mean, he’s a kid, he’s still 19. When I was 19, I was crazy. I feel like he’s going through that stage and he’ll probably be in it until he’s 24. He’s going to experience things. Yeah, he’s messing up and it sucks that he’s in the public eye, but eventually he needs to realize that he’s Justin Bieber and a lot of kids look up to him and he has to straighten his act out. But right now, he’s being a kid."

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